ROB01: Robotizing Effectively – The Keys to a Structured Approach

This training course is essential to build a robotic project tailored to your business’ needs. It will lead to the identification of decision making elements to launch or evaluate a robotic project, and thus to a structured approach to success.


Upon completion of the training, the participants will:
• have a relevant vision of the current robotics landscape (fight against clichés and stereotypes)
• be familiar with the different types of existing robotic solutions and their environment
• have the key elements needed to describe the robotic solution best suited to their needs
• have identified the next steps to be taken in order to successfully integrate robotics within their company
• be aware of an innovative approach to return on investment




An example of the integration of robotics in an SME will serve as a guideline.


Business owners (especially SME), production managers, robotics project managers, methods and / or
industrialization managers and anyone who needs to define or pilot a project for the integration of robotics.


  • Overview of robotics today (economics, regulations, applications etc.),
  • Presentation of industrial robotics solutions:
    • Robotic island;
    • Collaborative robotic island;
    • Cobot;
    • Mobile robot;
    • New programming modes.
  • Key decision points to robotize:
    • Most appropriate tasks to be robotized (welding, machining, assembling, handling, etc.);
    • Development opportunities, strategy, prospects;
    • Decision making factors (quality, productivity, ergonomics, TMS, skills, costs, etc.


  • Structured integration approach:
    • Robotic diagnosis (technical, economics, organizational, regulatory, marketing, etc.) and decision to launch the project;
    • Definition of the architecture of the robotic cell and evaluation of the impact on the company :
      • Specifications (define, prioritize, characterize the functions),
      • Workflow management (during, after)),
      • Skills management (training, raising awareness etc.), integrator / company relationship: compliance with the objectives set out (technical proposal, acceptance criteria).
  • Robotic feasibility tools (simulation, modelling, and physical demonstrators).

An example of the integration of robotics in an SME will serve as a guideline.


This course will be carried out by Mr. Cyril JACQUELIN, a Technical expert in the robotics field, involved in consulting missions and technical assistance to business.

Cyril works in the fields of robotics. He is a recognized expert on issues related to the integration of robotics in companies from different sectors.

His fields of expertise cover engineering and project management, support for in situ companies, and training

for knowledge transfer to industry. The support can go from the diagnosis to the implementation and the validation of their effectiveness, while going through the technological watch, the benchmarking, the analysis of alternatives and the realization of analyses according to the needs.



  • Engineering and Project Management
  • Product realization
  • Assistance / Consultant
  • Development of methods and tools (creation, development and implementation)
  • Conception and realization of training
  • Management of professional communities


EINEA : Utilization of a robot in direct collaboration with the operator for the assembly of electronic boards

MRX : Realization of a robot of measurement of residual stresses displaceable in company

HIPPO : Mounting of a European project on the theme of robotic polishing.

SIDCOF : Coordination of the teams for the integration of ultrasonic sensors on an autonomous
robot for the control of water pipes (in progress)


Career: 7 years at the CETIM as Robotics Project Manager then Manager of the Robotic Park
(CETIM’s Robotic Demonstrators Platform)

Training : Double degree:
General Engineer Arts et Métiers Paristech
Research Master of Advanced Robotic Systems

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