Composites: Materials / Process and Defects Analysis

An overview of composite materials, their properties, the related manufacturing processes and main defects encountered

Discover composite materials and its most commonly used manufacturing processes through application examples. The presentation will also discuss the main defects encountered and the parameters involved.

Topics covered during the presentation:

  • Composites: Overview
  • What do we call “composites” ?
  • Composites: Main manufacturing processes
  • Main defects encountered in composites parts
  • Concept of defects harmfulness
  • How to detect these defects? Non-destructive tests (NDT) applied to composites


The webinar will be presented by our French experts Mr Didier MASTAIN (Methods engineer specialized in composite process) and Ms Sophie TOILLON (Engineer specialized in damage survey of polymer and composite materials)

Didier Mastain
Methods Engineer specialized in the transformation of composite materials.

  • Assistance in the technological choices of processes for the transformation of composite materials,
  • Implementation of thermosetting and thermoplastic composite materials (from prototype to pre-series production),
  • Training (teaching manager) in the fields of composite materials (materials and process),
  • Process audit.


  • Thermosetting and thermoplastic composite materials forming,
  • Support to choose the best manufacturing process depending of customer specifications,
  • Composite workshop audit,
  • Trainer on composites field




  • Implementation of a workshop and production of a prototype storage tank for the transport sector,
  • Realization of prototypes in thermoplastic composites for the space industry,
  • Monitoring and production of thermosetting composite prototypes for the defense sector,
  • Production of pressure vessel prototype in thermoplastic composite,
  • Audit of workshop in the nautical field,
  • Project management on large project about thermoplastic composites welding



Work experience:

  • Cetim (since 12 years): Project Manager
  • Stelia (3 years): Aeronautical Composite Method Engineer
  • MS Composites (2 years): Composite Method Engineer


  • DESS composite materials Ensam Bordeaux (2003)
  • Physical-Chemical Mastery (2002)


Sophie Toillon
Expert on Materials provides expertise on polymer and composite components and structures.


  • Classification of materials
  • Failure analysis, audit, advising
  • Searching for repair or redesign solutions
  • Management of projects across multiple skill areas
  • Training (teaching manager) and presentations on technology days
    Moreover, she is head of R&D studies and of supervision of theses on:
  • Ageing and life expectancy prediction
  • Development of classification techniques (remaining constraints, etc.)


  • Mechanical and physical-chemical classification, NDTs of polymer and composite materials (high diffusion and high performance),
  • Failure analysis of plastic, elastomer and composite parts, methodology, FMEA process
  • Damage analysis and identification of failure mechanisms (fractography)
  • Understanding of ageing phenomena
  • Assistance with redesign or repair of faulty parts or structures
  • Surface, adhesion treatments



Work providing judicial, insurance and industrial expertise in various fields (transport, boating, energy, oil & gas, medical, sport etc.):

  • Expertise in the aeronautics field with the BEA (Investigation and Analysis Bureau of the French General Directorate for Civil Aviation)
  • Expertise in the field of energy: vibratory and aeraulic analysis, determination of modes of damage, reparation and redesign of components (air cooler blades, wind turbine blades)
  • Expertise in the boating area (mast, link arm, catamaran and/or trimaran shells (Banque Populaire for example))
  • Expertise in the area of sporting materials (carbon composite bicycle forks – legal)



Work experience:

  • CETIM (20 years): failure analysis project manager, head of R&D studies then Area Expert
  • CRITT Materials – LNE East (5 years): manager of classification services, failure analysis, specific formulations, bonding, training

Education and Training:

  • Diploma from l’Institut de l’Expertise (Paris)
  • Qualified in Engineering at the Ecole d’Application des Hauts Polymères (EAHP) in Strasbourg (1994), Post-graduate diploma in Physics Chemistry Polymer Materials (1993)
  • Master’s degree in Physical Chemistry (1992

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An overview of composite materials, their properties, the related manufacturing processes and main defects encountered

Course Name: Composites: Materials / Process and Defects Analysis

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