Residual Life Assessment of structures and equipment

Problematics, relevant references, and good practice for evaluating the Residual Life of your machines and of various equipment

In the industrial world, there is a very large number of structures, machines, or components for which Residual (remnant) Life Assessment (RLA) is needed.

When an equipment/structure has reached its finite design lifetime, its owner must ask himself crucial questions, such as:
– Can I continue to use it as it is now and without danger?
– And, if so, for how much longer?

This Webinar gives an overview of existing references applicable to RLA and presents Cetim’ s methodology, with few application examples.

Topics covered during the presentation:

Features presented from case studies:

  • Context
  • Ageing of equipment
  • Proof of fatigue strength of steel structures in Europe: Eurocodes
  • Crane design, residual life of cranes and related Rules and Standards
  • Pressure vessels and boilers
  • Cetim’s general methodology for evaluation of Residual Life
  • Some industrial examples
  • Questions answers



The webinar will be presented by our experts Mr. Bruno DEPALE (Structural Analysis Expert) and Ms. Judy Goh (RBI/RLA Consultant), both supported by Mr. Cyril TRUNET.

Bruno is Structural Analysis Expert of CETIM (Technical Institute of the French mechanical industry). He works mainly in the fields of machine design, steel construction and has expertise in a wide range of machines, but with a focus on cranes. Since 2004, he has been French delegate in the working groups of CEN/TC147 and ISOTC96 dealing with Crane design.
His fields of interest cover structural analysis based on FEA (Abaqus), private studies dealing with proofs and strength of structures or mechanical components, projects dealing with RLA (Residual Life Assessment) of structures/machines and training for knowledge transfer to industry (87 sessions).


  • Expertise of failure modes
  • Design support and optimization of machines
  • Seismic resistant design calculations
  • Standardization
  • Training (cranes design, RLA, fatigue)
  • Management of Professional working groups



  • EN 13001 series of standards – Crane design: Project Leader of parts EN 13001-3-4 « bearings » and prEN 13001-3-8 « shafts »
  • ARCELORMITTAL: RLA of the runway of a 300 ton bridge crane
  • SOLETANCHE BACHY: Structural analysis of the design of a new drilling machine
  • AIRBUS: RLA of load manipulating devices for A380 Program




Career: 1,5 years as research engineer at MESSIER BUGATTI (landing gears, SAFRAN Group) and structural engineer at CETIM since 1992. Structural Analysis Expert since 2016.

Graduate :
Mechanical Engineering and Products, Engineer, EUDIL, 1989


Goh Zhu Di Judy
Goh Zhu Di Judy
Having graduated in Material Science and Engineering, she has been an engineer and a consultant for 10 years within Matcor.
She has performed numerous cases in the failure analysis and forensic investigation for system and component failures for various industries.
She is one of the leads to perform the remnant life assessment and risk based inspection assessment for pressure vessels and piping for service life extension purpose.

She also has experience as an expert consultant for litigation and insurance claims and loss adjusting cases.


  • Failure Analysis
  • Remnant Life Assessment
  • Fitness for Service Assessment
  • Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Assessment
  • API Inspection


  • Consultant
    • Remnant life assessment of chimney and boilers
    • Pipe stress analysis of pipeline with pulsation issue from pump
    • RBI assessment for various oil & gas plants
  • Project Manager
    • Management of failure analysis and forensic investigation cases for a team of 4 engineers.



Career :

  • Matcor (2009 – Today) : Consultant

Education :

  • Bachelor Degree – NUS – Material Science and Engineering – 2009
  • API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspection Certification – 2014, 2020
  • API 581 Risk Based Inspection Certification – 2016


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