Your 4.0 transformation journey

CETIM will provide empowering and comprehensive 4.0 drivers to drive transformation through your organization. Multiple real case studies will be disclosed in this webinar.

CETIM assist the manufacturing SME in identifying and choosing the right solutions to make transformations happen at company level: new technologies, global digitalization, environmental commitment, human empowerment… The webinar aims to provide attendees the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to develop and implement a 4.0 road map. Build a more resilient organisation has been becoming a vital necessity after COVID 19 pandemic.

Topics covered during the presentation:

Features presented from case studies:

  • Real case: SME before and after their 4.0 transformation.
  • Key points to start your transformation.
  • CETIM experience: it is always a team effort! The company’s employees and relevant experts have an important role to play.
  • CETIM support SMEs and large companies efficiently in their implementation of new technologies. The coach’s added value towards the manufacturing SME is the industrialization of the chosen projects. In other words, dividing the implementation into clearly defined steps like process optimisation, business model re-thinking as well as skill & organisational development is key for a 4.0 accomplishment.


The webinar will be presented by our French expert Mr Thierry Gautreau. (Industry 4.0 and companies’ transformation) supported by Mr. Cyril TRUNET.

With 20 years of manufacturing advanced material in both production and innovation, Thierry’s skills are ideally suited to the integration of innovation technology into park machine, company organisation and business itself.


He has interest in SMEs success and appreciates high quality innovative work. Thierry has developed SMEs friendly tools to attract and transform industrials in industry 4.0 including assessment readiness tools and new technological transfer tools.


He has been very active with SMEs to implement collaborative robotic solutions and Multiphysics simulation tools. Thierry has many contacts in the heartland of the bar-turning world to set-up an Additive Manufacturing new pilot line dedicated to this specific market.


Following 15 years in manufacturing industry and 2 years successfully developing a new activity in Japan, he joined Cetim in 2012 as Head of innovation and modelling activities.

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CETIM will provide empowering and comprehensive 4.0 drivers to drive transformation through your organization

Course Name: Your 4.0 transformation journey

Date & Time: 15st October 2020, Thursday at 3:30 pm (GMT+8)

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